Great News in Norfolk!

Good Afternoon! I hope you have had an enjoyable summer.  It has been a fast and hot summer but there have been plenty of cool evenings that Jack and I have enjoyed on our...

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Stay Cool in this Summer Heat!

Good afternoon!   I hope you are enjoying a very fast and hot summer!  We had incredible storms in the last few weeks and the humidity has been a doozy!  Today I woke up...

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Grateful To Be An American

Good afternoon, I hope this email finds you well.  I look back through my pictures and council agendas and realize a lot happened in June! I am happy to share that Norfolk City Council...

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Have a Safe Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you, your family and friends enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend. April and May were months full of city activity.  We have been discussing the budget since March and...

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Pollen, Pollen, Pollen – Everywhere!

Good afternoon! Pollen, pollen, pollen – everywhere!  My allergies are in full swing but I do enjoy the beauty of early spring and the warm weather. March was a fun month with many opportunities...

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We’re Marching Along!

Good afternoon, I hope this email finds you healthy and well.  All is well with the Doyle family and Grady continues to rule the roost.  He has become accustomed to Kong dog toys filled...

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