When it comes to sea level rise, Norfolk is unfortunately one of the first cities in the country to begin seeing the measurable and menacing impact of this concerning new reality. Courtney sees the opportunity in these challenges, and will position our city as a leader in combating them.

While there’s no singular approach that will remedy or reverse the effects, we can take steps to ensure our beautiful waterfront and shorelines, the residences that line them, and the businesses and entities that are empowered by them like the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard, and Port of Virginia are protected. For instance, constructing higher flood walls, increasing the amount of living shoreline in different parts of the city, and taking evidence-based action against erosion on our beaches are all practical recommendations that together, can make a real difference.

Courtney also wants to further Norfolk’s partnerships with our higher-education institutions, scientific community, private businesses, residents, and even with other cities that are working on flooding and sea-level rise to collaborate and innovate on creative solutions.