Norfolk’s Ward 2 has some of the city’s most storied and celebrated neighborhoods. From West Ghent to Wesley, Park Place to Suburban Park, Downtown to the NEON, ensuring these communities are as safe as possible for your family and her own is critical for Courtney.

If elected as your councilwoman, she’ll work to lend additional city support to area civic leagues in their ground-level efforts to reduce crime and the potential for it — encouraging and further enabling things like the easy reporting of car break-ins and faulty street lights by phone or online, and making sure these reports are taken seriously by city officials. She’ll also advocate for increased police bike patrols to curb unlawful activity near our homes, playgrounds, schools, and businesses.

Courtney also wants to make sure all of Norfolk’s residents are abiding by our city’s codes. Doing so will not only keep us safer, it will also make for a more beautiful Norfolk, safeguard its historical integrity, and even afford for higher home-sale values.

And just as we expect our citizens to do their part, Courtney will ensure the city does theirs as well, by tackling infrastructure concerns like repairing and replacing aging curbs, sidewalks, gutters and more.

Finally, she’ll make it her priority to be actively engaged and involved in the various neighborhood organizations throughout the ward so that you can directly voice your concerns, pose any questions, and get to know her as she hopes to get to know you.