Norfolk Public Schools has faced challenging times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Courtney is thankful there was federal funding to support all students receiving tablets/computers and access to virtual learning.

Courtney believes that the school funding formula between the City of Norfolk and Norfolk Public Schools has worked very well in affording more funds from city revenue towards the schools.  She appreciates the work being done to evaluate enrollment figures, capacity, facility conditions, and programming for both immediate and incremental solutions to make the school division the best it can be for our kids.

Some of Courtney’s accomplishments in education include:

  • Courtney serves as a Council Liaison working with City Administration and the Norfolk School Board leadership to do the following:
    • Determine the needs
    • Assess opportunities
    • Develop a school funding package for construction, modernization and maintenance
  • Courtney serves along with other committed community volunteers on the Norfolk Public Schools Fund at the Hampton Roads Community Foundation. This endowed fund will provide grants to NPS teachers to enhance the classroom learning experience.