Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed some time off with family and friends. I was able to visit family out of town and host family here in Norfolk. It was a ball to host in Norfolk because I was able to show off our Zoo and the Winterfest at the Wisconsin Battleship.  I love playing tourist in my home town especially with small children.

I had the honor of taking the Oath of Office on January 3, 2023 for my second term on Norfolk City Council – Ward 2.  Five council members were sworn in including Vice Mayor Martin Thomas, Jr. (Ward 1), Mamie Johnson (Ward 3), JP Paige (Ward 4) – starting his first term, and Tommy Smigiel (Ward 5). At the organizational meeting that followed the Oath of Office Ceremony we voted in Martin Thomas, Jr. to serve as Vice Mayor once again. We look forward to a strong and productive 2023.

Norfolk is going to establish a Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) beginning in June 2023.  Interim Norfolk Police Chief Mike Goldsmith presented the comprehensive plan to Council in December.  The RTCC immediately will provide officers responding to a call for service with the following information:

• Vehicle descriptions

• Victim or suspect criminal histories

• Victim/suspect relationship nexus

• Live feed video from an incident location


We will be able to stand up this RTCC through the use of a Video Management System, Flock Safety Cameras and live feed cameras.The Video Management System combines all data sources from drone, traffic cameras, building security, live view cameras and robot cameras. The Flock Safety designs and manufactures fixed license plate reading cameras that capture license plates and car characteristics.  Live feed cameras will be installed in crime hot spots based on crime data.  The RTCC information can be shared with neighboring cities as well.  I am currently satisfied that this will not compromise the privacy of law-abiding residents. This will strongly enhance safety throughout Norfolk. I commend Interim Chief Goldsmith and the team for being forward thinking with this initiative.

Finally, I attended the graduation of the Norfolk Police Academy in December. THANK YOU to the men and women who are stepping up to keep us safe in Norfolk.

Cheers to a healthy and happy 2023!



Oath of Office 2023


Winterfest aboard the Wisconsin Battleship



Norfolk Police Academy Graduation Ceremony



Grady pretending to be “working”





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