The Year is Marching Along!

Happy Friday!

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather.  The box garden in my backyard is planted and I am ready for some fresh vegetables.  We are experimenting with corn this year so we shall see if corn makes it to the table one day.

April was a robust month.  Norfolk hosted the Norfolk NATO Festival in person for the first time in two years!  I attended the Flag Raising Ceremony on the Thursday of the Festival Week and it was beautiful. I had the humble privilege of meeting the General from the Ukrainian Army who represents Ukraine in NATO here in Norfolk.  As he was introduced, he received a deserving standing ovation.  The NATO parade was a hit and the Tattoo was very well attended.

I continue to focus on downtown safety as we reset the late night playing field in and around Granby Street.  To further ensure public safety, the city placed six mobile cameras between the 100 and 700 block of Granby Street to monitor activity. These cameras coupled with enhancing police presence, reviewing Conditional Use Permits (and citing violators), meeting with business owners and managers, identifying placement for permanent CCTV cameras, and repairing cameras in the city-owned parking lots are among the many measures Norfolk has taken of late. I have visited Granby Street on two occasions in the last few weeks – once on a Friday and once on a Saturday – from 11:00pm – 2:00am – to see first hand the activity in and around Granby Street.  I walk up and down the street to see the impact of these measures and to see the behavior of the late night crowds. The nights have been interesting to say the least.

Eggleston Services opened up a new indoor farmers market at 110 La Valette Avenue near the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk.  It is open Tuesday – Sunday from 9:00am – 7:00pm and is all locally sourced.  I cut the ribbon on this new location with many in the community. Eggleston is a not for profit that provides training, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. I also had the pleasure to cut the ribbon on a new trailhead of the Elizabeth River Trail on Water Street near Harbor Park.  The location is a former brownfield (environmentally contaminated) site that has been revitalized to be a beautiful section of the trail with the added benefit of restoring the shoreline.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy May.



Beautiful Night in the Front Porch


NATO Festival Flag Raising Ceremony


Elizabeth River Trail Water Street Ribbon Cutting

Mobile cameras on Granby Street


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