Have a Safe Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope you, your family and friends enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend.

April and May were months full of city activity.  We have been discussing the budget since March and we had our final budget reconciliation work session this past Tuesday.  We vote on the budget on Tuesday, June 13.  I will share highlights of the final budget in my June email.

Safety on Hampton Boulevard remains a key priority.  We are focusing on making sure that tractor trailers only drive on Hampton Blvd during the allowed hours between 6:00am-4:00pm.  We have enhanced our Norfolk Police Department enforcement in partnership with the Port of Virginia Police and the ODU Police Department. Additionally, the Port coned off the right hand lane between 4:00pm – 6:00am so that trucks coming out of Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) at Terminal Blvd. and Hampton Blvd. can only go straight on Terminal and cannot take a right going south on Hampton Blvd.

Additionally, the Port placed cameras at the NIT entrance to monitor trucks coming and going. The Port is now citing those trucks who violate the hours that they have captured on camera. And, Norfolk City Council voted on an Ordinance in May increasing the fine from $250. to $500. for those trucks ticketed for driving on the off hours. Combined, these measures are making an impact and enhancing the quality of life for residents living along the corridor.

The YMCA on Granby in the Park Place neighborhood celebrated its 10 year anniversary!  I had the  honor to read a proclamation celebrating this wonderful birthday!  The YMCA on Granby has served the community well and I look forward to celebrating many birthdays ahead.  The birthday party was Saturday, May 20, and it was hot!  I was glad to see the outdoor pool was already open and lots of families were enjoying.

I met with the new Norfolk Police Department Chief Mark Talbot.  It was a pleasure getting to know him and hear his thoughts on leadership and the bright future ahead for the Norfolk Police Department.  He offered to do a ride-along in Ward 2 for me to share insights about the area I represent.  I attended the Norfolk Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony. It is a somber and humbling ceremony celebrating those Norfolk Police Officers who died in the line of duty while serving our great city.

Lastly, I spoke at many civic leagues throughout the month. I have to say it was a beautiful and breathtaking evening speaking with the 50+ residents in Freemason.  The meeting was held outside at the Pagoda, boats were cruising the Elizabeth River and the sunset was incredible. These are the evenings in Norfolk that remind us all why we love our great city and appreciate the waters around us.

Stay cool as the summer heat and humidity come our way.




Celebrating the Y on Granby 10 year anniversary



Norfolk Peace Officers’ Ceremony



Freemason Street Area Association meeting at the Pagoda


Poochella at PETA


Norfolk Police Academy Graduation


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