Stay Warm Out There!

Good afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well.  How did you like the snow? I commend the city for the good work on the streets and bridges. Team Norfolk really pulls together in times of crisis and challenge and once again, they rose to the occasion!

On January 19, 2022 it was announced that Norfolk was awarded $249M from the federal government Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to support efforts in the design and construction related to the downtown flood wall. There is still much work to be done with the Army Corps of Engineers on the design, size and scope with particular focus on preserving our beautiful and historic waterfront.  While we are thankful for the $249M, there is a 35% local/state match, which will require us to come up with $134M.  We will need to be sure that our friends in Richmond step up and support this financially as $134M is a lot for a single locality to carry on its own.  The Port of Virginia was awarded $69M from the same Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for the deepening and widening of the Norfolk Harbor.

Norfolk City Council voted on a new energy policy in support of our Climate Action Plan.  We have committed to join the U.S. Dept. of Energy Better Buildings Challenge to improve the energy efficiency of city owned buildings by 20% from a 2019 baseline by December 2032. Norfolk hired an Environmental Sustainability Manager about 2 years ago and the office has made great strides towards reducing our carbon emissions, becoming more energy efficient and implementing our Climate Action Plan.

Additionally, we moved forward on the Granby Street Multimodal Corridor improvements by taking the step to receive $822,000 in Smart Scale funding from the Virginia Department of Transportation in support of implementing bike lanes on Granby Street.  The application was made in 2016 in keeping with the adopted Bike Plan.  The Multimodal Plan is more than just bike lanes. As we were listening to the community about the bike lane option it became clear that residents wanted more than bike lanes. They wanted to feel safe as pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists.  Thus, in addition to moving forward with the design of the bike lanes (the outer lane in each direction on Granby Street between Willow Wood Drive and Adm. Taussig Boulevard will become bike lanes with safe protection between the bike lane and the vehicle travel lane), we look to do the following:

  • Concrete pavement repairs
  • Left turn lane pockets at some locations
  • Median modifications at certain medians
  • Pedestrian hybrid beacon at Suburban Parkway
  • Rapid flashing beacons (yellow flashing when walkers cross)
  • Pedestrian accommodations at Taussig Blvd. and Granby Street

What we heard loud and clear from all – people want this 2 mile stretch of Granby to be safe for all. Our efforts on Granby Street fully support our Vision Zero Program and will be a model for other parts of the city.

Have a great February and stay well!



Grady in the snow!


Park Place Civic League

New speed tables on Willow Wood Drive slowing speedy drivers. Pilot project for Norfolk.


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